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What you need to know based on CDC Guidelines

Prevention is your best defense to care for your health care needs. Follow these steps listed below:

  • Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds

  • Stay at home if you are sick

  • Cover you cough, sneezes by using the inside of your arm at the elbow or tissue and immediately throw the tissue in the trash can.

  • Avoid touching your face, eyes or putting your hands in your mouth

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces 

  • Avoid travel to avoid spreading or catching


  • Fever - Cough - Shortness of Breath - If you have been out of the Country or exposed to someone that has been. IF you become ILL with any of these symptoms, PLEASE DO NOT PANIC !!! JUST stay home and isolate yourself for 14 days. Call us and DO NOT COME TO THE CLINIC. We will do a Phone consult.

We do NOT testing for the COVID-19 in our clinic. 

For more information, visit: or or call the Tennessee Department of Health information hotline at 877-857-2945. Available 10 am - 10 pm CST Daily

Important Information on the Novel Coronacirus COVID-19

Annual Wellness Visits

In April 2014,  we began doing AWV wellness visits for our Medicare patients. AWV (annual wellness visit) Medicare covers this visit 100%. No co-pay...No deductible. The purpose behind this visit to help make your provider aware of any changes in your personal health record from year to year. This is especially important if one see's more than one doctor. This helps clear up and inaccuracies in the patient chart. The questionnaire also helps identify any preventative visits that need to be scheduled brought to our and the patient's attention.
This visit is a way to help better serve you.
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